Design & Development

We invest in highly skilled & qualified engineers who work closely with your team throughout the program and design development stages. Our engineers collaborate cross-functionally, working closely with design, project management, mold making and production. 

The MPC team is consistently looking for innovative solutions that will exceed your expectations and deliver value.

The Devil is in the Details.

Our experienced design team is there to support your early component development, thorough the DFM process & offering the appropriate level design support should you need to use it. Our objective is to become an extension of your team for every project. This may involve rapid prototyping or virtual molding analysis as preliminary steps toward tooling & production in our state-of-the-art facility. 

SigmaSoft Virtual Molding

Having the expertise to conduct full Virtual Molding analysis in-house is a key differentiator for Molded Precision Components. 

For complex components such as gears our SigmaSoft software is deployed to make multi-level analysis of a proposed design – everything from pressure gradients to detailed flow and temperature analysis is assessed over many hundreds of incremental scenarios. This allows us to understand key factors such as filling, warp and gating, the outcome being a fully optimized design that often indicates and supports key design changes to the part, tooling or both. 

Bottom line we optimize the part and tooling before steel is even cut – saving development time and potentially expensive 

3D Printing

We currently have 7 industry-standard 3D printers in-house at MPC. 3D printing has become an essential tool not only as part of the development process but likewise in the development and implementation of automation systems.

Molded Precision Components can produce parts in a variety of engineered materials using our Raise 3D Pro equipment as well as detailed, engineered parts that have changed the way we think about automation development & implementation.

SolidWorks CAD

Molded Precision Components used SolidWorks as our primary CAD tool. This software allows us to open, manipulate and generate for scratch the complex 3D math data necessary for the manufacture of CNC tooling. It also provides us with a consistent platform on which to communicate with our customers, the vast majority of the industry either using SolidWorks or a directly compatible software

Questions about our design capabilities?

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