Contract Injection Molding

Enabled by automated in-cavity quality control systems, a closed-loop system for management of regrind, automated material handling & complex insert molding, our multi-disciplinary Production Team has mastered Lights-Out Manufacturing.  This makes MPC Globally competitive, delivering consistent, high quality, injection molded parts manufactured right here in North America. 

Industry 4.0. Lights Out Repeatability.

We take pride in the ability to maximize our production capabilities, offering flexible value-added strategies to deliver high volume production consistently. Our team has taken advantage of lights-out manufacturing, advanced in-cavity pressure sensing & multiple Industry 4.0 strategies, that when overlaid with our ingrained continuous improvement mindset we are constantly finding new, innovative ways to increase advance our performance.

In-Cavity Pressure Sensing

Where appropriate, every cavity of every tool built and run at Molded Precision Components has in-cavity pressure sensing technology. We know before the tool even opens if every part in that cycle meets its PPAP specifications.  Not only does in-cavity pressure sensing assist in assuring quality & consistency in the parts, it also provides micro traceability in the event of downstream assembly or QA issues. This provides our partners with valuable peace of mind and in the rare circumstance where an issue is identified, greater flexibility to quarantine, avoiding costly line shutdowns.

Components that meet your tight tolerances, consistently.

Repeatability is key in high-volume programs. Using data-driven quality control technology we are able to ensure your parts are produced to your design, using the optimal moulding process for the specified material(s). Overmoulding of metal cores, shafts and profiles introduces complex challenges due to dissimilar shrinkage and material interface but we have the expertise, experience and technology to deliver the perfect part every time.

Questions about our injection molding capabilities?

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