We are committed to providing parts that are made with a high level of precision. Precise measurement is paramount to ensure that your performance-critical parts work as designed. With this in mind, we have  invested heavily in cutting edge measurement equipment that allows our metrology team to assess extremely fine measurements.

You cannot claim what cannot be measured... We can measure!

We have invested in state of the art Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) and 3D blue-light optical scanners (3D OPPM).  This equipment provides our team with the capability of measuring to less than 5 microns (<0.005mm), validating that our both our precision tooling and the parts being produced are to the utmost precision. With a developed highly expertise in plastic gears of all descriptions, we have also invested in double flank test equipment and “Gear Pack” software that together are capable of collecting analytical data on all types of gears.

Experienced Metrologists.

While having the most accurate measurement equipment available is extremely beneficial, this coupled with our team’s vast experience in using advanced metrology instruments has enabled us to gain a reputation of providing superior accuracy during development and validation, resulting in superior quality for the components we manufacture. 

Ultra-fine Measurement at it's Finest.

Our Coordinate Measurement Machine represents the most exact measurement technology currently available.

In terms of CMM & optical scanner services, Molded Precision Components provides you with: 

  • A knowledgeable, educated & advanced  engineering team 
  • Consistent measurement capabilities to measure within 5 microns (0.005 mm)
  • Extremely accurate, cutting edge measurement machines that are only provided in few places around the world. Our equipment & expertise is beyond that of some multi-billion dollar automotive OEM’s
  • “Gear Pack” software capable of collecting analytical data on all types of gears

Questions about our metrology capabilities?

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