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Production ready in 7 days!

As MPC continues expanding with substantial additions in capacity, capability and a brand new manufacturing facility, we are pleased to confirm that MPC IS READY NOW for your transfer and re-shoring business needs.

If you are…

  • Experiencing supply chain insecurity causing the urgent need to re-shore tooling and production.
  • Enduring under-performing suppliers at home or off-shore.
  • Simply looking to consolidate your supplier list to achieve greater efficiency.
  • Facing costly and time consuming quality issues.

Molded Precision Components has the proven expertise, capacity and capabilities to support you in making it happen in as little as 7 days.

MPC’s extensive fleet of machines range from 10T – 440T.

Our expert team and newly expanded manufacturing capacity are ready and waiting for your call. No matter how complex your project needs are, we have you covered!

Review Part Data

MPC’s highly experience, multi-disciplinary & professional Engineering team will review the needs expectations & complexity of your program. They will review any 3D part and tooling data, 2D drawings and any QA or specific customer requirements to accurately define the scope of work. A provisional quote will be provided based on the data and information received.

Receive Tooling

Our team is highly experienced in handling complex injection mold tooling, automation, and mechanical equipment. We have all the equipment, resources & experience to ensure your tooling is handled and stored safely while it’s at MPC.

Inspect & Evaluate

Our advanced engineering and tooling team will begin inspection your tooling as soon as it arrives on site. Within 2-4 days we will complete a detailed assessment of the tooling to confirm:

  • Functionality.
  • Need for immediate adjustments or maintenance.
  • Any critical concerns prior to scheduling the initial assessment trial.
This is an important step to fully understand the tooling, and assess any issues or challenges the project may face.

Install & Run Preliminary Parts

The tool will be scheduled for an initial trial to assess its capability to produce parts to the engineering drawing. Our production and processing specialists will load the press and begin producing preliminary parts for analysis.

'A to B' Comparison & Establish QA Needs

Now that physical parts are available, MPC will make an ‘A to B‘ comparison with the drawings for verification that the products are molding to spec. We use state of the art equipment (GOM 3D optical scanning, CMM, and traditional measurement methods) to deliver assurance the part is within 6 microns of the specifications.

Define Fixturing & Automation Needs

If required, any aspects of fixturing and automation will be assessed and implemented. We use advanced, in-house, 3D printing capabilities to produce fixtures, and our end-of-arm tooling will expedite automation integration and implementation.

Run Pre-Production Parts for Approval

Pre-production parts will be expedited to the customer for physical review, or depending on the program we can also conduct this approval process digitally. With customer approval we are ready to commence production.

Production at MPC Begins

With all the necessary production, processing, and tooling parameters in place the tooling is now ready to begin production. Your tooling has been successfully transferred and will remain in top working order while it fulfills your production needs right here in North America. With your tooling at MPC, you can be assured that our team will deliver high quality parts to your specifications; consistently, competitively, and on time.

Successful Delivery!

Questions about MPC's Re-Shoring Program?

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