Your Value-Added Engineering Partner for Precision Molded Plastics

Molded Precision Components

Molded Precision Components (MPC) is a full-service engineering provider specializing in scientific injection molding. Our expert team pushes the boundaries of technology and the industry boundaries to innovate all aspects of the materials processing and the manufacturing process. We produce upwards of 70 million high precision functional plastic parts each year, most significantly for the automotive sector.

From all types of complex gears to suspension bearings, micro-molded parts as small as 0.3g and a portfolio of components across an array of sectors, MPC’s highly capable family of 58 team members work together to consistently deliver the highest quality parts, on time, every time for engineered applications around the globe.

Our Mission:

Excellence and leadership in the molding of complex functional plastic components to consistently deliver competitive, class-leading manufacturing systems founded on the highest standards of business practice, the most innovative technologies & environmental accountability.

Our Capabilities


Your Collaborative Engineering Partner

Our engineers will collaboratively review and enhance your part designs to ensure optimization for volume production. We aim to become an extension of your engineering and design capabilities, working closely with you in design, project management, mold making and in to production. Our team is consistently seeking innovative solutions that will not only deliver your needs but exceed your expectations.

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Optimized for Manufacturing

Our highly experienced advanced engineering team work in tandem with our processing and manufacturing experts to optimize not only the part design but all the aspects of fixturing, processing and automation to deliver your parts to print, when and where you need them. Collaborative design optimization across the engineering disciplines increases efficiencies and adds value to your total manufacturing package.

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Your Collaborative Engineering Partner

The quality, accuracy and production durability of your injection mold tooling is directly linked to the overall cost of manufacturing. We specialize in the parts that our competitors cannot make consistently or accurately and this is in large part due to our tooling capabilities. Although we are not the cheapest tool maker out there, because we run the tooling we build, we understand the value that we bring by comprehensively managing the process from end to end and throughout the life of your project. MPC is equipped with the latest technologies including high speed CNC machine centers, wire and sink CNC EDM and precision grinding. High accuracy CMM validation occurs throughout the tool build and on into production where QA needs demand. Your parts to approved print, consistently and on-time!

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Leading Edge Precision Manufacturing

MPC operates over 20 injection molding machines ranging from 7 to 400 Tons. Every machine is equipped with RJG in cavity pressure sensing and every mold we run is equipped with the companion sensing technology in every cavity, offering a level of in-process quality assurance that few can match. This technology provides 100% traceability of parts on a cavity-by-cavity, shot-by-shot basis providing our customers with the highest of accuracy. Our molding capabilities include insert molding, tight-tolerance molding (0.0025mm), gear technology and internal/external threads for both simple and complex parts. We have achieved production molding success where others have failed on numerous occasions, so go on… challenge us!

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Precision Measurement Capabilities

Some say… they have the capability to make your parts to your specifications, but do they have the measurement capability and expertise to prove it? At MPC we take your design and technical specifications very seriously. Together with our highly qualified specialists and with industry –leading equipment our commitment is to ensure we get your parts right, to print, on time, every time. Really… we can prove it!

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