Automotive Component Manufacturing

As an IATF Certified Injection Moulder, MPC not only understands the performance-critical nature of your components and their consistent series production, but our experience and expertise is ideally suited to supporting the big picture needs of our Automobility partners.

Our goal is to deliver a total value package that supports & optimizes your most challenging injection moulding needs – be that tight tolerances, complex mechatronic components, engineered materials, insert/over moulding… and not unusually, all these needs in a single part! 

Molded Precision Components excels in producing complex, highly functional automotive components with extremely tight tolerances, for use in automotive equipment such as door locks, drivetrain and other internal mechanisms.

Advanced Engineering for Performance-Critical Automotive Parts.

“Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive advanced manufacturing system to the production floor that consistently delivers parts to approved customer print, competitively and on time.” Rob Meeuwse – Advanced Engineering Manager

Our team of diversely qualified engineers can help Tier suppliers and OEM’s at any stage of the development process. Our Advanced Engineering team take your program components from print to production, delivering a optimized system to the plant floor. They are experts in mould optimization, tooling development, measurement & analysis, automation development and process engineering.

Lights-out Automated Manufacturing. Delivering Under Tight Deadlines.

The MPC team are experts in advanced manufacturing and automation. We are continuously advancing series injection moulding repeatability automation and lights out operation. We understand the tight deadlines that automotive OEMs are faced with but we likewise understand that the goal is zero ppm supply.

“A little more collaborative investment and vision up front delivers many times over down the road”  Thomas Woegerer – VP & CTO

Part of this is optimizing the process, but complementing it with ‘in-cavity’ QA. This approach along with closed loop material recycling at the press, and Industry 4.0 oversight can allow the moulding operations to run 24 hrs a day, maximizing customer tool capacity (leveraging investment) and consistently delivering perfect parts consistently and on time.

Intumescent Component Molding for Electric Vehicle Battery Safety.

MPC has collaborated with a local innovator in intumescent polymers developing the capability for manufacture 3D parts for transportation, mobility, construction and energy storage applications.

The unique needs of the process and material handling necessary for moulding intumescent polymers position MPC as a Global leader in this rapidly developing field of expertise, the resulting components being widely adopted in EV platforms.

Reshoring for Automotive OEMs and Tier Manufacturers

MPC has a history of excellent turn-around times, pivoting during supply chain disruptions and replacing under-performing manufacturers, offshore and domestic.

Our fleet of 40 injection moulding machines ranges from 10T – 440T so no matter how complex your project needs are, MPC has the capacity that can turn around production transfers is as little as 7 days! 

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