Community Appreciation

We have seen an out-pour of support for our Shield-U project, and we’re feeling the love! Here are some comments from people across Canada:

Thank you all for being an innovative Canadian company & making critical supplies for our front liners. As a nation we should never be held over a barrel for such things.  So thankful for the jobs you are providing during this hard time. Hoping you stay the provider of these things to our country.  Be safe. Go Team Canada.

Connie Gee

Congratulations to you, and your team of wonderful workers, for taking on this project. The Healthcare workers are giving up days off and vacation time to help save lives and protect as many as possible., even without the proper PPE which is in such short supply.  Your efforts are supporting them far more than you realize.  I have three family members directly involved in this work, and their families and I can’t thank you enough. You are awesome! Just follow the safe work procedures to protect yourself as you do this extremely important work. LOVE YOU ALL.

Theresa Frechette

Just read how you guys are stepping up. 🙏🏽 make me that much prouder to be a Canadian.  Scared as hell , old man is 80 with health issues; so Seeing companies like you step up , really helps. Thank you.


Way to go!! You guys rock! Hammer down, lets go!! Thank you for your hard work! We need more companies like yours

Annie Boyce

Saw you on the National. Great story. Thanks for helping in the Covid fight!

Chris Norris

Amazing to learn of your ramp-up to support the production of masks, in efforts to reduce Covid spread.

Jen Burton