Industry 4.0 Manufacturing

MPC currently has over 20 plastic molding machines ranging from 25 to 400 tons.  Our capabilities include insert molding, working within tight tolerances (0.0025mm), gear technology and internal/external threads for both simple and complex parts.

Robotics are integrated on all of our production machines – which significantly improves our efficiency from the intake of raw materials to the delivery of your plastics parts.

We operate three shifts (two are lights out). This capability improves our over-all efficiency by reducing downtime and allowing optimum utilization of production resources and capital.  MPC has a reputation for using cutting edge technologies and consistently improving its processes in the areas of quality, delivery, efficiency, cost control, on time delivery and customer service.

We are Industry 4.0+!

Lights-out, Automated Manufacturing

  • Automated in cavity quality control systems
  • Automatic recycling system for regrind
  • Automated material handling
  • Automated insert molding
  • Packaging capabilities – separation by cavity
  • ALS system allows for mobile monitoring of machines

ALS System

Our ALS system allows for the monitoring and data collection of all injection molding machines and all significant infrastructure equipment in our facility. Across our facility are screens displaying the data so that if an error occurs, our team is notified and able to address the situation as soon as it is identified. The system is also able to send notifications out to the mobile devices of key team members, regardless of where they are geographically. That means we are aware of an issue even when we are not on premise and can even shut down machines or equipment until someone can review and address the challenge in person.

ALS System Mobile Injection Molding Monitoring and Data Collection
ALS System Injection Molding Monitoring and Data Collection