Electrical Discharge Machining

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EDM isn’t the most common CNC machining process available, but many engineers have begun exploring its value for creating part features that would be otherwise impossible to machine.

Fully automated electrode production and EDM production cell

Electrical discharge machining is a highly precise manufacturing process that uses electricity to remove materials from the workpiece instead of a cutting tool. In fact, the workpiece isn’t touched by a tool at all. Instead, a high-frequency electrical charge disintegrates the material molecule by molecule to make a sharp cut. During the electrical discharge machining process, an electrode made of copper, brass, graphite, or tungsten is brought within a hair’s width of the electrically conductive workpiece to be machined. Then, the voltage between the electrode and the work piece is increased until an electrical discharge, or spark, occurs.

High quality, precise Swiss made (GF+) CNC EDM machine with C-axis & 3R tooling set-up

MPC is capable of design and machine electrodes for EDM process
Ability to meet tolerances of +/- 5 microns
Temperature controlled machining environment
Total of 2 EDM machines

A good picture for this section would be a person operating the EDM machine

10+ years’ experience

Ability to meet multiple EDM surface finishes including mirror finish

Experience in vector burning, 3-D orbit and helix interpolation

Our team will use their experience to

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