Community Outreach

We’re All in This Together

Since our establishment in 1980, MPC has been grateful for our business success and relationships and recognize our responsibility to give back to the community, locally and across the globe. We view our commitment to community outreach as a way to provide support to the less fortunate, and hope for a better, more sustainable and equal world.

MPC Cares

The team members of MPC created a unique program to give back to the community called MPC Cares. It was developed 100% by our team as a way for MPC team members to generate fundraising to help causes that they are passionate about in the community. MPC Cares collects money from company events, lunchroom purchases, get-togethers etc. The MPC team votes on a new cause to support every 6 months. For every dollar collected through MPC Cares, the organization is committed to matching the team’s donation to the selected cause.

Tabacon Home

The ownership of Molded Precision Components founded Tabacon Adventures to provide youth with the opportunity to gain experience having fun adventuring the outdoors, whilst learning transferable skills such as leadership and social abilities, as well as practical survival skill such as; canoe paddling, survival priorities, fire making, woodworking, campfire cooking, knot tying and much more.

The program is led by MPC’s President/Co-Owner David Yeaman, who is a certified Level 3 Canoe Tripper with the Ontario Recreational Canoeing & Kayaking Association (ORCKA) and has successfully completed over 30 canoe trips into the outback of Algonquin Park and southern Ontario. Tabacon is designed as an MPC community outreach program and is fully powered by volunteer staff and all donations received are 100% dedicated to operational costs such as equipment, transport and outfitting campers!

Our Action in the Community

COVID-19 PPE Relief- Shield-U

With the Covid-19 Pandemic spreading quickly around the Globe, the concept of lockdown quickly became a reality in most countries including Canada. At the same time the pressure on essential workers and first responders grew equally fast as did the need to provide them with safe working environments, supported by Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in which to safely work. For business owners the choices were different where they were not forced to close. If remainaing operational did they continue to produce and provide their normal goods and services? Were their customers shut down leaving them with the dilema to close their doors voluntarily, or did they pivot their operations to use their skills and expertise to help the Covid response efforts.

Molded Precision Components (MPC), rose to the challenge of pivoting their business operations in a matter of days to sustain their business and its team members. Building their business around the injection molding of precision parts for the Automotive sector, that expertise, resource and ingenuity was redeployed on the rapid development and tooling of Shield-U a new Class 1 Medical PPE Face Shield. Working collaboratively with other business across Ontario, Federal and Provincial contracts were secured, and over 25,000 shields were donated to local healthcare practitioners and businesses to ensure they could reopen safely. More than quadrupling their staff, building an additional 45,000 square feet of manufacturing and converting their warehouse to implement 8 of 13 brand new molding machines, MPC are a true example of Canadian sprit and manufacturing excellence.

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Agape in Action

Agape in Action is an organization developed for the support of impoverished families in Africa. They provide long term emotional and physical aid to children, families and communities. Focusing on extreme poverty, Agape in Action aims to construct a better future for people who are struggling to support their own life. This organization is donated to by MPC because we all share the desire to help people in need, not only in our local communities but also worldwide.

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WALK for ALS- ALS Society of Canada

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, known more commonly as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease is a disease that gradually immobilizes people due to the brain’s inability to communicate with muscles that we are usually able to move at will. Eventually, the body’s muscles loose their strength and break down, leaving a person with ALS not able to walk, talk, eat, swallow and eventually breathe. The MPC team heard of a local event called WALK for ALS, and we jumped on the opportunity to show support for individuals and their families struggling with the physical, emotional, and financial disservices that ALS brings to people and their communities. 

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ALS Fundraiser Team Picture

CN Tower Climb- World Wildlife Foundation

Our Earth has been blessed with a diverse multitude of life, all equally vital to the sustainability of our ecosystem. Recognizing this, MPC fulfills their responsibility to the Earth and other species by supporting organizations like the World Wildlife Foundation. Established in 1961, the WWF has been committed to raising awareness for and the protection of endangered/ threatened animals. In 2017, our team went down to Toronto and participated in the CN Tower climb in support for WWF and endangered animals. This event and foundation was organized by our MPC Cares committee members and was a popular choice among the MPC team.

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Some Other Causes We’ve Assisted

Youth Initiatives

Cybergnomes Robotics

Cybergnomes MPC Youth Engineers Robotics

The Cybergnomes is a local youth robotics club for youth from grade 8 to 12. Molded Precision Components  sponsor this group as a commitment to get more youth to find their passion in engineering and automation. These brilliant young minds are the future of manufacturing.

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Oro-Medonte Minor Soccer

The Oro-Medonte Minor soccer association is a local soccer league bringing kids from around the community to play soccer. MPC is proud to support local sports teams!

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