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Beyond Manufacturing Excellence


“We inspire sustainable advancement, consistently bettering ourselves, our activities, our community & our environment”

For OEM manufacturers of precision functional plastics who demand secure supply & world-class service in the serial production of contract injection moulded parts…

The MPC Family of Companies is an advanced, multi-disciplinary, scientific molding partner for the contract mass production of physically complex, technically advanced & performance-critical plastic components.

We deliver this with vertically-integrated engineering expertise to achieve profitable, value-added success & mutual advancement of our partners in Automotive manufacturing.


“It doesn’t matter how advanced our technology is without the people to realize its full potential”

AT MPC Family our culture is at the heart of the business… So much so that we have a full-time Culture Manager on staff. In such a dynamic environment as is found at MPC, the pace and frequency of change driven by our continuous improvement and advancement mindset not to mention the ongoing growth of the business that requires new roles to be implemented and responsibilities managed frequently, culture and the management of change is essential to the wellbeing of the family and the business. Take a look at Culture Corner to see just some of the activities that contribute to MPC being recognized officially as one of Canada’s Best Places to Work in Manufacturing. Our Culture is directly aligned with our core values that every team member from the floor to management strives to engage upon daily…


We Exhibit strong moral principals in all of our interactions & processes


We value each other’s contributions and work together in unity toward our common goals


We pursue excellence in everything we do

Our Timeline

1980 — Company Founded By Hans Hamm As Molded Plastic Consultants <

2008 Q2 -Invested in Geothermal Temperature Control <

2006 Q3 – ‘Two Men & A Molding Machine’ Receive First ISO 9001 Certificate <

2009 Q4 -Purchased First Arburg Technical Molding Machine <

2011 Q1 -Addition Of Third Injection Molding Machine <

2012 Q2 -Addition Of Fourth Injection Molding Machine<

2013 Q4 -Implemented The First CNC, EDM, And High-Speed CNC Mill.<

2015 Q2 – Completed Building 2 Renovations.<

2016 Q3 – Gained First ISO/TS 16949 Certificate.<

2018 Q3 – Gained IATF 16949 Certificate <

2019 Q3 – Attended First D2P Trade Show – Schaumburg, MI <

2020 Q1 – COVID -19 Pandemic Response Implemented <

2021 Q1 – Granted SDTC Funding For Clean-Tec Liquid Filling System <

2021 Q3 – Grand Opening Of MPC 2 Expansion Increasing Total Footprint To Over 70,000 Sq.Ft <

>2006 Q1 – A New Legacy … David Yeaman & Thomas Woegerer purchased the assets of MPC in March 2006 and commenced operation April 1 under their ownership

>2007 Q1 – Invested In First RJG Cavity Pressure Sensing System.

>2009 Q2 – Acknowledged By CIPEC As A Leader In Energy Conservation.

>2010 Q1 – Addition Of Material Handling Room.

>2011 Q2 – Presented With The Municipal Award For Outstanding Business Growth.

>2013 Q1 – Addition Of Silos & Silo Pavilion

>2014 Q1 – Purchased Second MPC Facility

>2015 Q4 – Purchased First Coordinate Measurement Machine.

>2016 Q2 – Ten Year Anniversary Of MPC Under The Ownership Of David Yeaman & Thomas Woegerer.

> 2017 Q3 – Began Re-Branding As Molded Precision Components.

>2018 Q2 – Rebranding Completed

>2019 Q4 – Planning Application Submitted For New MPC2 “Expansion”

>2020 Q2 – Granted NGEN & FedDev Funding For Volume Manufacture Of Shield-U Face Shield

>2021 Q1 – 15 Years In Business

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