Tooling &
Precision Machining

Our team has built a unique system that allows for the Advanced Engineering team to oversee the design and development of a tool from the design generation to the end product and accommodate for any complications or changes. This harmony between teams allows you to reduce your costs and decreases the time to launchOur Tooling team’s priority is to make long lasting tools that produce your parts to perfection. 

Experts in Tool Design and Building.

We understand that tooling is the keystone of capability and longevity. That is why our Tooling team, in collaboration with our Advanced Engineering team, is devoted to producing in house injection molding tools that exceed client expectations. 

Facilities & Equipment

You can rest assured of quality tooling due to our modern facilities and advanced tooling technologies. With our new updated facilities, our tooling team has over 9,000 square feet of machinery and work space to create high quality molds. With a team of over 20 people, each with a diverse variety of experience, the molds are guaranteed to be made by individuals capable of producing the highest quality molds possible. 

Tools Built for Repeatability.

We have the ability to build complex multi-cavity molds including sophisticated tool actions, rotary cores, hot runner systems, valve gates and three-plate tools. Additionally, we have developed gear tooling technology to make all types of precision gears including worm, helical, spur, sector and internal gears. Our team can design and build molds with up to 32 cavities. 

Our Technology

Our tool shop is fully equipped with the latest equipment, technologies and expertise in the industry including high speed Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine centers (42,000 rpm), wire and sink CNC Electrical Discharging Machine (EDM) and precision grinding. When producing molds, our team is easily able to take advantage of a wide variety of machines to accomplish tasks. This way the mold can be made with little to no errors. Specifically, the tool shop has at their disposal: 

Questions about our tooling or precision molding capabilities?

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