What are Intumescent Polymers?

Intumescent Materials

Intumescent materials uniquely provide a physical and thermal barrier to surrounding structures & components. These advanced materials insulate against high temperatures and actively inhibit the spread of fire. When exposed to a thermal event (arcing, fire, etc) the intumescent polymer absorbs heat, causing the thermoplastic matrix to soften. As heat continues to be applied & the material approaches a defined activation range, the viscosity reduces and a chemical reaction is triggered, emitting an endothermic (energy- adsorbing) gas. The activation and presence of the gas creates small bubbles causing the material to foam rapidly. The surface exposed directly to the heat now solidifies into a thick, multicellular char to provide an insulating layer that significantly slows the transfer of heat, prevents thermal propagation and smothers the fire, taking away key elements of fuel that the fire needs to grow.

Injection Molding of Intumescents

Partnering with a leader in intumescent polymer sciences, manufacturing and engineering, MPC are able to injection mould the first-ever complex, 3D intumescent components approved in EV battery applications. These materials can be molded at scale under lights-out methodolgy into functional, high-quality components enabled by automated in-cavity quality control systems; an environmentally sound closed-loop system for management of regrind; automated material handling; and potentially complex insert molding. 

In simple terms, if your part can be injection moulded, it can now also be functionally intumescent.  

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