Medical Component Manufacturing

Components developed for use in medical devices and equipment must be manufactured in controlled environments and held to the highest engineering and manufacturing standards. MPC is an industry leader in medical injection molding, exceeding expectations and industry standards.

Advanced Engineering for Medical Device Components.

Our highly experienced Advanced Engineering team understands the importance of each component within medical devices and will work with your team to ensure your project is developed to meet your requirements.

ISO Class 8 Cleanroom Manufacturing

MPC houses an ISO Class 8 cleanroom for sterile injection molding requirements.

Intumescent Component Molding for Electric Vehicle Battery Safety.

MPC has developed a first-of-its-kind injection molding process using intumescent polymers – passive fire safety materials that suppress fire and electrical arcing at the event. This proprietary process allows for the injection molding of complex 3D fire safety components for use in batteries, cable fittings and other potential fire hazards.

Reshoring for Automotive OEMs and Tier Manufacturers

MPC has a history of excellent turn-around times, pivoting during supply chain disruptions, and replacing under-performing manufacturers, domestic and abroad. Our fleet of injection molding machines ranges from 10T – 440T. No matter how complex your project needs are, MPC will get you ready for production in as little as 7 days! 

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