Intumescent Polymers

Molded Precision Components has collaborated with PyroPhobic Systems Ltd., and is the only IATF 16949 certified injection moulder for a range of advanced intumescent polymers. This advanced material technology allows series production of 3-D parts, for performance-critical passive fire suppression components for automotive EV & other battery applications.

Connectors made from intumescent materials

Connectors made from intumescent materials

Electrical Arcing & Thermal Runaway Prevention

       These advanced intumescent polymers are…

  • Electrically non-conductive preventing risk of shorting in operational & service conditions
  • Complex carbon compounds that are inherently fire resistant and exponentially increase their physical volume (in excess of 20 times its original volume), to prevent & suppresses arcing or conduction under thermal event conditions
  • Able to offer physical separation between terminals, cells or modules to segregate & extinguish a thermal runaway event

Inherently Passive... until Activated!

  • Highly durable composite polymer material available in rigid & semi-rigid formulations
  • Material can be coloured using approved master batch colourants
  • Excellent processability offering design flexibility for 3D parts
  • Can be injection molded or overmolded to almost any shape or size
  • Third party approved range of commercially available formulations
  • Custom formulations can be developed for specific technical & functional applications  
  • Designed to manage an explosive event by venting both ejecta & gases

Fire Suppression Preformance for Li-Ion Batteries

  • Contains thermal runaway at the cell, compartment or modular level
  • Provides thermal separation between cells or modules, isolating key conductors
  • Prevents cascading fire propagation, localizing damage and reducing risk of catastrophic runaway
  • Prevents transfer of internal heat and flame propagation to outside combustibles
  • Controls explosive events

Localized Manufacture for Supply Chain Security

With both the base polymer & active ingredients locally sourced & compounded in North America, you can be confident in a secure supply chain for your volume production needs.


Need a formulation with specific performance characteristics? We can develop grades for custom needs. 


A compounded blend of polymer & active proprietary elements that in the presence of an ignition source and/or temperature in excess of defined design parameters (thermal runaway, fire, arcing, etc.), actively reacts exponentially expanding its physical volume to:
a) rapidly develop fire resistant surface characteristics;
b) physically suppress the presence of oxygen in the given area by increasing its physical volume; and
c) thereby actively suppress the propagation of fire
Evaluated extensively in-house during development these high performance intumescent polymers have proven effective in performance-critical applications for DMV, NASA & Automotive OEM’s. Third party performance certifications 

Event creates heat, polymer absorbs this heat

Char begins to form, absorbing heat and protecting other components

Char expands towards heat source and extinguishes flame

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