MPC COVID-19 Response

How is MPC managing the COVID-19 Virus? Read on for current status and actions being taken at Molded Precision Components…

MPC COVID-19 Response – Tuesday, March 17 2020

To All Customer & Strategic Partners,

COVID-19 Response – Update #1

To All Customer & Strategic Partners,

Ontario announces Phase 1 – State of Emergency:

At 08:30 this morning Premier Doug Ford addressed the assembled media to advise that as of today the province of Ontario is implementing a Phase 1-State of Emergency. This is a situation is developing hour by hour and the Management team at MPC are continually assessing the latest information, statistics and guidelines that are being made available by credible, science-based providers.

The declaration of a State of Emergency in the Province of Ontario will NOT directly impact the Manufacturing sector in respect of enforced closure, normal operations continuing at this time. This is a vital measure to protect our business, your supply chain and the extended economy.

“Normal” of course is a qualified term under the current circumstances. MPC is continuing to proactively implement measures to protect our team members, ensuring that they have guidance on not only best working practices while on MPC premises to protect themselves, their colleagues, but also their families at home and others their communities. The health, safety and well-being of our staff, members, and community are of the utmost importance to us.

Per our original notification MPC is has stopped all external meetings and business travel for the foreseeable future. Likewise no outside visitors will be received at either of the MPC facilities, unless specifically authorized. Any persons that do enter the facilities will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire, allowing a quick assessment of their health situation. If deemed to pose a risk to our team members or business operations, that person will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

All of our team members who are able to do so, are being directed to work at home thereby supporting the principle of social distancing and self-isolation; all internal and operational meetings are being convened by teleconference or online platforms.

At this time, in respect of our operational capabilities for design, tool building and part production, we are not experiencing any direct issues, other than requiring 5 employees to self-isolate based on them having travelled outside of Canada in the prior 14 days. The MPC team remains 100% free of COVID-19 virus cases at this time and this is testament to the approach we have taken to date to protect our team and business in what are unprecedented circumstances.   This situation is clearly one that will be impactful on just about every aspect of our daily lives, let alone the business for the foreseeable future. There is a significant likelihood that the supply of raw materials as well as our overall manufacturing capacity could be impacted.

Be assured that the Management team at MPC are working hard for our valued clients to mitigate the downstream impacts and maintain our record of delivery and quality to your business. If you are experiencing challenges in respect of ongoing supply of moulded parts and are considering or need to relocate, re-shore or reactivate local tooling, we are there to support you in that investigation. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Andrew Bird ( Cell: (705) 817 7102 or myself directly.

Be safe and stay sanitized out there!


David Yeaman P. Eng


Bookmark this page for updates to MPC COVID-19 Response and for the latest information being made available by CDC Canada…Click Here

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