Pyrophobic Systems inc. develops intumescent polymer for injection molding

PyroPhobic Systems, Ltd. has developed a first-of-its-kind, intumescent polymer suitable for use in injection molding processes. The company is a leader in highly engineered intumescent polymers for fire-safety applications such as building construction products for fire containment and energy storage such as electric vehicle (EV) battery insulation to contain thermal runaway.

PyroPhobic Systems has reached a major product validation milestone with its proprietary Intuplas fire-resistant intumescent composite as part of a battery energy storage system (BESS) designed to contain a runaway lithium-ion battery fire event in the BESS during UL 9540A full installation testing. “This technology is unique in the industry, and is particularly effective at preventing and containing thermal runaway propagation. It can be applied to any lithium battery application and configuration, whether the cell is cylindrical, pouched or prismatic.” says John Page, President and CEO of PyroPhobic Systems.

“We work with integrators, developers and EV manufacturers to solve pretty big challenges related to fire safety… The challenges often come in the form of meeting a test standard requirement, UL 9540A for instance, or NFPA 855, or for meeting specific customer requirements related to fire safety”, Page says.

While there are other materials used to contain fires, such as water, the lntuplas material prevents and extinguishes flames without unnecessarily damaging the adjacent system’s components. “We feel that passive systems like ours are a more optimal solution in containing thermal runaway in many different types of situations, other than simply flooding the systems”, said Tim Riley, Director of Business Development at Pyrophobic Systems, Ltd.

As a passive system, integrating this technology into systems prevents fire through containment, rather than active protection which generally acts to suppress a fire once it’s ignited, through the use of expensive, maintenence-heavy gas and water system equipment. Passive systems, if engineered into the overall battery system’s design, have the ability to increasing efficiencies by reducing a number of costs, while also making the system safer. “As it relates to safety specifically… the greatest opportunity to add value to battery energy storage projects, is to increase the safety of the system through a passive protection, which can be done without jeopardizing  function, cost or space” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jolon Page. 

The material is the first intumescent polymer that is capable of being used in injection molding processes. Working alongside PyroPhobic Systems for several years, MPC has been instrumental in developing the testing of this groundbreaking polymer as it pertains to its use in injection molding processes, and the partnership has successfully achieved the first-ever scalable and repeatable injection molded intumescent components.

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